Charlie Photography

Charlie Photography

A photo studio by an award winning photographer, Charlie Photography

Since 2017,charlie photographer has been taking photos for mid-size to large-size companies,some professional celebrities like fashion model,dj ricky or for many more. I had started my journey in photography world on july 1,2017, for first time i clicked some photos in my friend camera and my friend told me that it’s fantastic.Then after i suddenly thought that i wanted to start my career in photography world  & make my identity in list of top photographers in India.

Second day, I started to observed the professional photographers photography and learn how to click a best photographs like professional photographers and  continued to clicked some photographs in my friend camera and Then after i visited some studio & observed them and worked with them.

I am finally in loved with photography.I continued to work with some photographers and they all encouraged me, guide me & motivate me and they told me that you are fantastic photographer you must go for professional photography with some celebrities.

Then I came to Bardoli with my friends and he helped me to find where can i worked then after i make my identity and everyone started to called me the Charlie Photographer and officially i made my identity as a Charlie Photographer.

On Navratri 2018, Shutter up studio Invited me for a demo of photography and i give my best there & everyone appreciated me for my photography.

There we meet the Famous and No.1 Dj Artist in Gujarat Dj Ricky and  I clicked some photograph for him and he appreciated me for my work and he give me the wonderful opportunity to clicked his photograph in his personal event and then after in all event i clicking his photos and i get so many success and awards in photography world.